“Dadalouge” is an artistic research of the dialogue with the materiale and an investigation of the nature inside the material.

It is experiments with geometry in a volumetric scale that relate to or is lager than the human body and with folding techniques in the objects – with repetition and scale differences in the folds. It is a investigation and a search for the inner shape of the material – the artefact within the material.

“Dadalouget” is also an investigation of the dialogue between the artefact and the movement of the human body. What happens when the body interacts with the artefact? What occurs when insisting on searching for qualities of movements from inside the artifact? Which a character occur and how do they interact?

“The Duet” has been shown on the exhibition “The PleatFarm” at Takkeloftet at the Operahouse in Copenhagen 2017. Can only be seen on Vimeo by password

Idea and design: Charlotte Østergaard –
Pleat-performer: Jeppe Worning and Charlotte Østergaard
Soundscape by Hans Sydow –
Thanks to the Danish Arts Foundation