From 1999 to 2014 I designed the fashion collection Charlotte Østergaard Copenhagen – a collection based on my passion for pleating techniques. Techniques which transforms one-dimensional material into three-dimensional moveable shapes/forms/garments or transformed the surface or the structure of the textile. The collection was based more on crafts traditions by developing series of garments with focus on function and aesthetics expression rather than on fashion trends or seasons. Every garment was produced in my studio and was pleated by my hand. My collection consisted of as an evening/wedding wear and a daily-wear comPleat collection. Below is an extract of the collection.

Another concepts behind the collection was diversity, diversity of humans and their bodies. Therefor, I fitted almost very garment personally. No one was to small or to big, everyone has beauty.

pleated dress

Almost from the beginning the collection was produced and sold from the collective store (with workshopspace) Designer Zoo. For last 8 years (2006-2014) Charlotte Østergaard Copenhagen was based in own studio/shop in the center of Copenhagen. Below is photos from the studio/shop.

Photo: Dorte Krogh

pleated dress