KUV projects

Below is a short introduction to the KUV projects that I made at the Danish National School of Performing Art (DNSPA), Copenhagen, Denmark.

KUV or kunstnerisk udviklings virksomhed translate to artistic research.

2018–2019 Dialogen med materialet – om fysikalitet i designprocessen, supported by the Ministry of Culture Denmark, KUV-pulje.

The projects aim was to explore sketching methods that bring the physicality of the body into play as 1:1 material/movement explorations. For example exploring how specific materialities and/or shapes affects the movement. The goal was to develop methodologies that juxtapose the visual expression (the aesthetic quality) and the sensorial experience of the costum (the sensory quality), and that would forward a critical reflection/dialogued between the two perspectives.

The project consisted of workshops with participation of employees and students as well as that I interviewed a number of colleagues like actors, tailors (employed in the theater industry and in the fashion industry) and designers (costume designers and fashion designers) about collaborative processes.

2016–2017 Tekstiltekniker som formgivningspotentiale, supported by DNSPA. The KUV project was a close collaboration with the tailors Ghita Ohman, Pia Petersen and Sannie Østerby (employed at DNSPA).

The project aim was to explore potentials in textile technology as a 1:1 form sketching tools. The focus of the project was to develop the method ‘dialogue with the material’. A method that focuses on textile experimentation and used selected crafting techniques (here; braiding) a a form-generator/instigator.

Short video that introduces the project – link video (in Danish)

2013–2015 WØ608 – Stedsspecifikke iscenesættelser, collaboration with artist Barbara Wilson and supported by DNSPA.

The project was an investigation of the inherent stories of specific places and of how artistic stagings can reinforce one or more of the stories that a specific place contains. The aim was to develop a methodology where “dwelling with a place” was a way of discovering the stories and qualities that are embedded in specific places.

The KUV project was divided in three phases. Through the project, a shop, a public square, a black box, a public park, a private home were staged and we created a textile-oriented performance for the exhibition venue Gammel Stands.

Link to a short video on the project. Link to the project’s blog.

Active participation on three DNSPA colleagues KUV-projects.

  • As part of Inger Eilersen’s KUV project “Human Migration” (2018–2019), I held a workshop where textiles were the focal point for storytelling and co-creation. Link to video documentation of the workshop
  • In his KUV-project “Poetics of Sound and Sonic Dramaturgy (2017–2019) soundartist Yann Coppier had an ambition to record a body in movement (in a quite particular way) – I designed and crafted a small collection of sound costumes for this recording.
  • In Rikke Lund Heinsen’s KUV-project “Semper plus Ultra/Altid Udover Dette” (2019–2020) I was one or three dialogue partners.