Co-crafting practices

As part of my (phd) research on co-creation I am developing a co-crafting practice. A practice where I invite other people into the core of my aesthetic practice and artistic process. I invite participants or co-crafters to influence, inform and transfer my practice and our creative process. As artist and researcher I experience that the co-crating practice is challenging at the same time it is extremely rewarding since we learn together (from and with each other) while we craft.

In one of my blogposts and below you find examples of co-crafting processes that intertwine textile techniques like knitting, weaving, crocheting, braiding and knotting. At the present moment knotting is in the center of my co-crafting practice. Knotting as technique is simle –everyone can tie a knot and everyone will knot (and thereby tie textile-thing together) in their individual way. Hence, potentially everyone will leave their individual traces including that our different ways of crafting opens a space where we can be inspired other ways of crafting where we co-creatively can sample our different craftings to new and other crafting ways.

This page is like the co-crating practice in constant development. The co-crafting practice is like a growing organism or an ever changing landscape. A research organism that constant askes me (the designer and researcher) to enter new landscapes and to explore how I, the co-crafting host, can invite others to join and influence the process.

Moreover, the co-crafting practice is an ambition to create horizontal create spaces – therefor co- or with others challenges me [the designer and researcher) to let go of creative (aesthetic) control.

To practice the co-crafting practice is entering into an organic landscape that has its own life and that can go in multiple directions. My ambition is to practice the practice as an open source. Therefor my hope is that whomever that participate in the co-crafting practice (including that visit this page) will be inspired to craft their own version of the co-crafting practice in ways that make sense to them.

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