The PleatFarm

Photo Dorte Krogh

“The PleatFarm” is an artistic research project; as a dialogue between materiale, technique and actions of hands/body. Moreover, it is an exploration of searching for the inherent nature inside pleated objects.

The project experiments with geometry in a volumetric scale that relate to or is lager than the human body, and with folding techniques in materials transformed into sculptural objects. The making process is a receptive process of exploring the potentials of scale, angels, contrasts in and between folds. It is a investigation and a search for the inner shape of the material – the artefact within the material.

“The PleatFarm” is also an investigation of the dialogue between the artefact and the movement of the human body. What happens when the body interacts with the artefact? What occurs when insisting on searching for qualities of movements from inside the artifact? Which a character occur?

The videos  “The Duet”, “Dadalouge” and  “The PleatFarm” is a part of this project. Soundscape by Hans Sydow. Supported by The Danish Art Foundation.

The Pleatfarm arises from my artistic position between costume, tekstile and fashion design. The project builds upon the collection Charlotte Østergaard Copenhagen (pleating was the collections trademark) sculptural expression.

The PleatFarm aimed to explore the space inside, around, between and outside the body and a sculptural object. In the making process the materials fragility (paper) became a sensitive dance between my actions and the material itself. Moreover, working with lage scale materials – befor pleated the material was ‘out of reach’ of my stretched out arms from one fingertip to the next – changed my technique and my actions from mainly being handle in and by my hands (in the work with the collection Charlotte Østergaard Copenhagen) to using my legs and my entire body in the act of folding.

Images from the video The PleatFarm