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Is this Colour?

Værket ComPleat er optaget på KONTEMPO udstillingen “Is this Color?”. Udstillingen vises i Rundetårn 11 Maj – 23 Juni 2019.

ComPleatinvites the public to interact with the textile objects. It is an invitation to touch, to enter and rap the textile around the body or/and twist the objects so another side appears. While interacting, ComPleat wants to ask: “What colour is (your) skin? Please share your experience on social media #compleat_colour

ComPleatis two textile objects based on the idea of sloughing in biology. As a concept ComPleatis a (non-)living matter between being and not beingComPleatis skin tissues; as representation of being in between living and dead – a metamorphosis for a transformation process, being in between past, present and future.

Photo: Thomas Cato

“From Lausanne to Beijing” – 10th international fiber art biennale

Værket Flesh er optaget på den internationale censurerede udstilling “From Lausanne to Beijing” som vises 15 okt – 15 nov 2018 på Tsinghua University Art Museum; The Gallery of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing A.C. Art Museum

Flesh is inspired by classic Greek sculptures. Sculptures where only fragments of the original have been preserved. Flesh is paraphrase over fragments of the body (and the body’s skin) – a metamorphorus where the fragment has its own meaning.

Photo: Thomas Cato