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Residency at BIRCA

Together with performance artist and climate activist Linh Le and dancer Alessandra Grieco I was on a two weeks ISLAND CONNECT residency at BIRCA/Bækkelund – international residency for artists in august 2023.

ISLAND CONNECT is a collaboration between Susanne Danig, BIRCA/Bækkelund International Residency Center for Artists placed on the island of Bornholm in Denmark and Sardegna Teatro (together with the local partner FuoriMargine) placed on Sardinia in Italy. The aim of ISLAND CONNECT is to addresses interconnectivity through the ecology of environment, of social justice, of spirit and intellectual dimensions. By embracing the natural surroundings of Bornholm and Sardinia the residency want to create a vision for an ecological future that allows intersection, communication, generosity and sharing.

Photo: Susanne Danig

Over the two weeks we explored the diverse nature of Bornholm with Susanne Danig as our generous host and guide. Susanne shared some of spectacular sites and the more secret places of Bornholm … the explorations set us off on a journey exploring the Bornholmian light.

During the residency we had days with sun and star and other with fog that blurred the vision. We walked in the night to explore the darkness but was surprised of who much light we (humans) produce. We had an immersive showing with a few local artist as our guests … and much more happened that are still thoughts and ideas in-process.

I made the following videos as a tribute to the amazing nature of Bornholm that generously accepted our presents and to my dear travle companions Linh, Alex and Susanne.

A tribute to shadow landscapes

A tribute to those that live in the shadow landscapes

A tribute to the elements that knows

And on the personal note ….. I had a blast cooking dinner over a bonfire

…. and I found a new passion: trying to capture the shadows.

More to come in the future!

Knytte workshop

Under Passage (international street theatre) festivalen afholdt jeg sammen med performance kunstner Linh Le to knytteworkshops, hvor publikum var inviteret til at deltage i at knytte et kostume. Kostumet skulle bruges til en procession gennem Helsingør i forbindelse med Linh Le’s forestilling Saa by som Borger, Saa by som Art.

Første workshop fandt sted 1. august 2023 på Vapnagaard v. Kulturhus Syd i Helsingør.

Anden workshop fandt sted 3. august 2023 i Rosenhaven ved Sct. Mariæ Kirke. Pga. regn flyttede workshoppen ind klostergårdens gange.

Alle materialer som vi bruge til at kostume fremstillingen i workshoppene var genbrug indsamlet at festivalen, Linh Le og donerede restmateriale fra bl.a. McVerdi og Our Shift.

Knotting ecosystems tutorial

A while ago I was contacted by Linh Le from Becoming Species since she and they were interested in my knotting practice. We meet and knotted together.

I could not be happier – now the knotting practice has a life of its own. If you are interested in the development of the knotting practice please follow the tag #coknotting

I have made this video “Knotting Ecosystems” for Becoming Species as an open source tutorial. The video contains images from “knotting ecosystems” events hosted by Becoming Species and Extinction Rebellion Denmark.

You can find upcoming events on Becoming Species and Extinction Rebellion Denmark Facebook sites.

I hope you will be inspired to knot together with others and please feel free to share the video in your network.

In the video tutorial I use dummies as the ‘base’ for my knottings. But knottings in-process can be placed on tables, chairs and human bodies.

Remember my way of knotting only one of many. I invite you to develop your technique. Knotting can be done in multiple ways – the only limit is the imagination.

“inside out – outside in”

At the immersive days in november 2022 composer Yann Coppier and I in our presentation “inside out – outside in” reflected on how world-costume and sound can co-create immersive experiences. One of our questions are how does Yann compose textile and how Charlotte designs sound – or – how does sound inform textile and how does textile inform sound?

In the presentation we immersed ourselves in word-costume or entalgled through spatial textiled-costume.

During the talk the audience engaged and tangled with us – which became playful embodied explorations.

Is this Colour?

Værket ComPleat er optaget på KONTEMPO udstillingen “Is this Color?”. Udstillingen vises i Rundetårn 11 Maj – 23 Juni 2019.

ComPleatinvites the public to interact with the textile objects. It is an invitation to touch, to enter and rap the textile around the body or/and twist the objects so another side appears. While interacting, ComPleat wants to ask: “What colour is (your) skin? Please share your experience on social media #compleat_colour

ComPleatis two textile objects based on the idea of sloughing in biology. As a concept ComPleatis a (non-)living matter between being and not beingComPleatis skin tissues; as representation of being in between living and dead – a metamorphosis for a transformation process, being in between past, present and future.

Photo: Thomas Cato

“From Lausanne to Beijing” – 10th international fiber art biennale

Værket Flesh er optaget på den internationale censurerede udstilling “From Lausanne to Beijing” som vises 15 okt – 15 nov 2018 på Tsinghua University Art Museum; The Gallery of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing A.C. Art Museum

Flesh is inspired by classic Greek sculptures. Sculptures where only fragments of the original have been preserved. Flesh is paraphrase over fragments of the body (and the body’s skin) – a metamorphorus where the fragment has its own meaning.

Photo: Thomas Cato

I 2017 arbejde jeg på projektet ”Tekstilteknikker som kostumeformgivningspoentiale”,som er et kunstnerisk udviklingsprojekt i samarbejde med Den Danske Scenekunstskoles skræddersal. Projektet tager udgangspunkt i en undersøge tekstilet som formgivningspoentiale i en scenekunstnerisk kontekst.







arbejdstur til Græskenland

I foråret mødte jeg på produktionen 7EVEN hos Black Box Dance Company den cypriotiske koreograf Fotis Nicolaou og den græske maskekunstneren Martha Foka. Begge meget spændende og inspirerende kunstnere. I juni rejse jeg på besøg hos dem i Athen for at forsætte samarbejde og eksperimentere med nye ideer. Her et lille sneak peek.



pleat costume

kostumedesign til danseforestillingen “7EVEN”

Om få dage har Black Box Dance Company premiere på forestillingen 7EVEN. Et et koreografisk eventyr, om vores frygt for ikke at være det perfekte menneske.

Jeg har skabt kostumerne til forestillingen. Det har været en helt fantastisk og inspirerende rejse – ikke mindst at møde den cypriotiske koreograf Fotis Nicolaou og den græske maske kunstner Martha Foka. Du kan få en lille forsmag på forestillingen her og få et lille indblik i mit arbejde med kostumerne.

Forestillingen har premiere den 3. marts på Black Box Theater/Holstebro, spiller 9.-10. marts i Dansehallerne/København og 30. -31. marts på Bora Bora/Århus. Håber at se jer.

"7even" fotograf: michael with"7even" fotograf: michael with

foto: Michael With

Pressebillede 7Even, foto Michael With