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Knytte workshop

Under Passage (international street theatre) festivalen afholdt jeg sammen med performance kunstner Linh Le to knytteworkshops, hvor publikum var inviteret til at deltage i at knytte et kostume. Kostumet skulle bruges til en procession gennem Helsingør i forbindelse med Linh Le’s forestilling Saa by som Borger, Saa by som Art.

Første workshop fandt sted 1. august 2023 på Vapnagaard v. Kulturhus Syd i Helsingør.

Anden workshop fandt sted 3. august 2023 i Rosenhaven ved Sct. Mariæ Kirke. Pga. regn flyttede workshoppen ind klostergårdens gange.

Alle materialer som vi bruge til at kostume fremstillingen i workshoppene var genbrug indsamlet at festivalen, Linh Le og donerede restmateriale fra bl.a. McVerdi og Our Shift.

practicing co-crafting practices

I am (over time) in the process of developing a co-crafting practice. In different sessions with different numbers of people participating – I invite my fellow crafters to craft in a way that makes sense to them and/or as a responce to what is already crafted (that include responding to the materialities at hand). The textile pieces (that have been crafted so far) contain multiple crafting techniques and/or traces of (crafters) hands that have crafted in different ways. The co-crafting practice ‘force’ me to listen and learn from to how my fellow crafters craft and challenges me let got of control of the artistic expression/outcome.

This post shows images from a of the co-crafting few sessions. More info will follow!

Co-knotting sessions that I hosted at a residency at Inter Arts Center, Malmø (2021). The wonderful participants was Agnes Saaby Thomsen, Carlotta Broglio, Svea Thelin and Eva Hedblom, Ranin George Souliman, Jenny Wallengren Bergquist.

This video from a “textile sampling workshop” that I hosted at HJEM – kunstrum (2021). The co-crafted craftings was made Ann Vibeke Wissing Nielsen, Connie Eirod, Katja Crevar, Tanja Hylling Diers, Mads Brauer, Maria Bjerregaard and myself.

HJEM – kunstrum are initiated, curated, arranged and hosted by Tanja Hylling Diers. Video: Agnes Saaby Thomsen. Musik: Mads Brauer

The co-knotting session are sometimes situated in private homes. Here a session with Agens Saaby Thomsen and Tina Saaby (2022).

This co-crafting session is with Aune Kallinen,  Alexandra Gustafsson, Patrik Kumpulainen, Sara-Maria Pirhonen and Tobias Klemets (that included multiple sessions) was part of a collaboration with professor Aune Kallinen and the Swedish acting program at UniArts/Theatre Academy.

The craftings became part of the performance “Gertrude-material” shown at Helsinki Art Museum (2023). Below images of Tobias Klemets and  Ragni Helena Grönblom-Jolly from the rehearsal process.

Text and directing: Aune Kallinen. MA acting students Alexandra Gustafsson, Jesper Fransson, Walter Ruokolhti, Patrik Kumpulainen, Sara-Maria Pirhonen, Kristiina Karhu, Tobias Klemens and actor Ragni Helena Grönblom-Jolly. Paintings: Hamilton Membir. Sound composition: Nicolas Rehn. Movement and co-directing: Seppo Kumpulainen.